Happy New Year!

Very best wishes to all for the new year.

A long and restful festive break is now over, and I have indulged a little too enthusiastically as always. The frustration has been the difficulty in getting out to work some of that festive excess off.

Conditions have been tricky to say the least.

We had a hefty dump of snow before Christmas, followed by some wild storms which were replaced with another blanket of snow.

Local walks have been welcome (as you can see from the picture) but it has been treacherous trying to reach anywhere else.

Consequently, our New Year’s Eve was not spent shivering in a tent… just a run-of-the-mill ‘quiet one’ at home.

Santa was kind, though. I am now in possession of a Travel Tap and a Caldera Cone stove. I have given the latter a go in the snow already and it is very impressive. Full reports will be posted on both items once they’ve had a proper test.

Thoughts are inevitably turning towards adventures later in the year, too. I am tempted by the LeJOG by bike but am still not convinced my back is up to such protracted toil en velo.

I am really keen to do a Scottish backpacking trip… perhaps the Sutherland Trail or a route on Skye.

Oh, the possibilities…


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