Dear Santa…

A few generous folk have been asking me for my Christmas list and, in order to avoid getting another chocolate/marshmallow fondue set this year, I have duly supplied one.

No surprises that it has a few backpacker items on it, which I thought I would share with you in order to prompt a bit of discussion on the kit listed.

I don’t expect to receive any of these, particularly the more expensive items, but I can hope…I guess out of everything, the Travel Tap would have the greatest influence on my backpacking (hint, hint!).

Thermarest Neo Air, Medium

GoLite Ultra sleeping bag
North Face Prophecy Trail Shoes
Montane Oryx Fleece
Travel Tap
Caldera Cone Stove
Expeditions Foods freeze dried meals


2 thoughts on “Dear Santa…

  1. Good old Santa. I wish he would read my list but alas he seems to be fixated on socks and books (not that I mind those as presents…)Why not put aside a little money and have a post Christmas present you buy for yourself?:)

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