Wet,wet, very wet

Sadly, circumstances conspired against me this weekend. Something came up on Sunday morning which ruled out my overnighter.

Probably for the best… I sloshed around Edale for five hours on Saturday and the weather was miserable. A vicious wind tore across the Mam Tor Ridge and the valley filled with water.

My poor old car ‘held its nose’ as I tentatively drove through minor lakes on the way back to Bamford. I will get to test my new shelter at some point, I guess.

On a positive note, I gave my back a proper test with full pack and, apart from a bit of stiffness, things went well.


4 thoughts on “Wet,wet, very wet

  1. It was miserable, wasn't it? I had water gathering in the mesh pockets of my rucksack, which is quite an achievement. I am hoping that things will be better in a fortnight's time as I'll have a proper weekend of freedom.

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