A postcard from… the Rothiemurchus Forest

The Rothiemurchus Estate, in the Cairngorms National Park, may not be for everyone. Cast an eye over the website, and a plethora of activities cater for the demands of visitors with fat wallets seeking a respite from the city.

For some, the level of order and organisation may be an obstacle to true recreation. Others will raise an appreciative eyebrow at the enterprise.

I have no problem with the estate’s balance of entrepreneurship and conservation. Although the native pine woodland is scarce in Scotland, accounting for 1% of its former land coverage, the Rothiemurchus Forest always seems able to absorb its visitor toll.

Swathes of Scots Pine are found alongside species such as birch, rowan, willow and alder. Folk with a trained eye (not me!) will enjoy a rich variety of fungi, insects, plants, birds and animals.

But it’s how Rothiemurchus ‘feels’ which I treasure. A walk here is always fresh… cleansing, even.

Wander along a track in the evening, find a clearing and close your eyes. You can almost hear the forest breathing.

3 thoughts on “A postcard from… the Rothiemurchus Forest

  1. Rothiemurchus is a special place, no doubt. Even though I'm only a couple of hours drive away, I don't get up as much as I'd like. I spent a really enjoyable time up there last March, cool crisp days, blue skies, shorts and tshirt, snow on the 'gorms and a mountain bike. Superb!Walking through Abernethy forest with osprey overhead is also something special!One day, I want to live in that part of the world.

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