Hello sailor

I had a wonderful weekend pottering about on Carsington Water.

Sailing is a new thing for me, and skipping over the waves on my friend’s 18ft catamaran was a fantastic buzz.

Sailing on Carsington WaterThe acceleration of this substantial craft was initially striking, only to be replaced by wonder at the simple economy and grace of our progress.

I even got to take the tiller and perform a few ‘abouts’, which served to heighten my childlike fascination with it all.

Once again, thanks to my ever-patient and accommodating guides.

Another thing of note this weekend was our campsite.

Despite the grumbles of my previous post, I think we have found a gem. It would appear that the owners do not like it to get too busy and accept a number of booking before attaching the ‘site full’ sign to the gate (perhaps it’s always there).

Anyway, we had acres of room and I would tell you where it is… but I’d have to kill you.


One thought on “Hello sailor

  1. I went on a smaller cat once. Amazing fun especially on one hull going at 29 knotts in a windy solent! Plenty of fun was had on that day by the little 14 year old me (a very long time ago). You are right about acceleration, amazing how when the sail suddenly catches a gust or strong wind so sweetly it positively kicks the cat forward. I hope you keep it up, unlike me who just did it on a visit to relatives.

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