Anyone tried a Tarptent

Here’s a question for you lightweight backpackers out there… have you tried a Henry Shires Tarptent in UK conditions?

I’ve been itnerested in these composite shelters for some time now and am impressed how they combine low weight, space and bug-proofness. However, they are made in the States and, I fear, are probably best used in US conditions.

As regular readers will know, I am a big fan of the Hilleberg Akto but I’m increasingly concious of how cramped this shelter is when sitting up to cook etc. This is a more pressing issue now after the recent relapse of my back problem.

The Tarptents are attractive in that I can can get a three person shelter with acres of room (and head room) for less weight than the Akto… 1.1kg for the Rainshadow in fact.

Any thoughts are most welcome.




3 thoughts on “Anyone tried a Tarptent

  1. The new moment from Henry Shires looks like a really nice tarp tent.I have a couple of tarp tents one of which is the Six Moons Lunar Solo and the other is the Anti Gravity Gear O2 (which is very close in design to the Solo)Both are light and have decent headroom.

  2. Thanks for the replies, folks. I am also making equiries re a Go Lite Shangrila 3 which appears to be massive! However, it is not clear whether a lanky fella can lie down without touching the walls.

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