Cae du, Tywyn

I’ve just spent the most superb six days at Cae Du campsite, near Tywyn. The weather was great and the company top class.

This is a charming site, reassuringly low key and boasting a fantastic location. In fact, it’s so good that you begin to question whether camping on a site can really be this perfect.

Even the commuter trains, which run through the tent fields, are infrequent and quiet. They serve as an entertaining distraction rather than a nuisance.

We were lucky… the rain stayed away from most of the week and we enjoyed some fantastic sunsets followed by stunning, star-filled night skies. With the campfire roaring (eventually), we were reluctant to turn in.

Have a hunt for this site. It has no formal web presence and the pictures are few and far between. It is rather wonderful, though, and leaving on Sunday was a strain.


One thought on “Cae du, Tywyn

  1. I remember camping there in the late 70's.We stopped off at Dolgellau on the drive out to the site and had a great night at a local disco.On the Saturday night we drove up the Coast and walked over the Railway bridge into Barmouth and had another good night in one of the pubs.From memory the site was fairly spartan but in a fantastic location.Happy memories-I must visit again sometime.

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