Feeling a bit wild

So, I’m wondering whether these balmy conditions are going to hold for the weekend… I haven’t wild camped for over a year and am desperate to find some seclusion in the Lakeland fells (if that’s possible).

Interested to see exactly how long it has been, I note that the last time I ‘roughed it’ was in May in the bivvy bag.

Time flies when you’re juggling bad backs and other distractions.

I’m thinking I will get the train on Saturday to Windermere… wend my way gently to Grasmere and find somewhere up high to watch the sky.

Avoiding other folk is going to be important so if you happen to see and lanky fella giving you a wide berth, you’ll know why. It’s nothing personal!


3 thoughts on “Feeling a bit wild

  1. …Avoiding other folk is going to be importance…The Lakes – and Grasmere in particular – in July… hmmmm (!).Best of luck and have a good 'un anyway.

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