Day dreaming

I’m working at home today and my office is filled with the smells of summer.

A stormy sky hihg over GlencoeThe ground is damp, and the air heavy. Bees are busy in the garden, birdsong drowns out a distant commuter train and, occasionally, I hear a sheep bleating from the valley side.

I’m only seven miles from the city, but the urban mess feels very distant.

Thoughts inevitably turn to getting away…

This time last year I was in Scotland, travelling at 45mph in an old camper van. The weather was wild – typically Scottish – and it allowed me to get this atmospheric, if technically sketchy, shot of Glencoe.

Next month, I’ll be camped on the wild coast of North Wales. This summer fug will be replaced by an excitable Westerly wind.

We’ll batten down the hatches, and hope for a still evening when we can get a fire going and cook fresh mackerel caught from the rocky shoreline.


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