Back on top

High above Dovestones Reservoir in the sunshine Here’s somewhere I haven’t been for a while… high on the moors.

OK, so it wasn’t Edale. I had a bit of a problem with my old (not so) faithful motor so I kept things local over the weekend and went back to Dovestones Reservoir.

Nevertheless, it was good to give the legs and lungs a proper workout again, not to mention the back.

I’m pleased to say that all was well. I’ve lost quite a bit of fitness, no doubt, but my strength has returned. It was all rather wonderful and almost prompted one of those zipadee-dooh-dah moments.

I managed to hold back.Lone birch tree, Dovestones

Next time I will take the walking poles and might even risk the pack.

And today I had some more good news. I’ve been ‘discharged’ from regular weekly sessions with my physio and now will be having the occasional check up (assuming there are no other problems).

This is a significant milestone and I am delighted.

Although I’ve held back on detail here, it has been a pretty ropey three months or so and my back condition has been one of many woes.

Let’s hope my luck is on the turn… good health, after all, is the most important thing.

Thanks to those who have sent good wishes in the comments section while I’ve been working through all this… they have been much appreciated.



6 thoughts on “Back on top

  1. Strapping a rucksack on your back could help? Do it up nice and tight – could it act as a brace?Just a thought…. Maybe not!Anyway, NW, jolly well done – it’s good to be out and about again.

  2. Hello I got your details from the internet while searching for online walking/rambling blogs, so I hope you don't mind me contacting you. Working in the rail industry I don't usually deal with such 'sites'! I have just sent out a news release about an unusual walk and I wondered if it would be of any interest to you and your walking colleagues?You can read the release at If you need any more information, please do give me a call. Regards, Keith Lumley Media Relations Manager (North West) Network Rail Square One 4 Travis Street Manchester M1 2NY t: 0161 880 3142 f: 0161 880 3994 m: 07798 858776 e:

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