I should have kept the Space Hopper

The last few weeks have been robbed of adequate distraction. Consequently, I have found diversion in other things, not least the giant Swiss Ball which now forms part of my daily exercise regime.

Regular readers will know that my height can present challenges in the selection of outdoor gear, and the same is true of exercise equipment.

My ball had to be specially ordered, is made of a thicker material to support my weight etc. etc.

My programme has started by bouncing on the ball, Space Hopper-style, with a straight back. In common with all physio exercises, the more you focus on your movement, the more beneficial the exercise.

Bouncing, therefore, requires concentration but you can feel the lower abdominal and ‘core’ muscles working. I’ve now graduated to ‘supine arm raises’ and the ‘floor bridge’ and there’s plenty more where that came from.

The good news is that all this work is having a profound effect on my recovery and, I think, my future health if I keep the core workout going.

I’m also developing muscular lumps in my stomach which I didn’t think existed… time for some bouncing.

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