A Bank Holiday and some peace

Travelled up to the Yorkshire Dales on Monday with the crowds. Despite my other half hailing from Gods Own County, she’d never seen the karst in the flesh.

I bored her with how years of percolation had created these impressive landforms (albeit with a bit of periglaciation). She was more concerned about negotiating the steep road climbing out of Wharfedale.

We stopped for fish and chips in Hawes and, slightly stunned by the proliferation of noisy bikers, I took the wheel and we drove down Garsdale by a mistake… but what a happy mistake it was.

New territory for me, we were the only car at times along this beautiful Cumbrian dale.

It is not a remote area by any means, with good links to the M6, more a forgotten valley given the honey pot attractions of the Lakes and Dales so close by.

At the head of the valley, the landscape has a distinct moorland flavour, but as you progress, broad lush fields alongside the River Clough extend to hills beyond, latterly the remote hummocks of the Howgills.

Sedbergh signalled the end of this lovely drive. We are going back in May to linger.

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