On the NW plan

Not the F-Plan, the NW-Plan: How to lose six pounds in five days and look like complete crap.

Yes folks, it’s the joys of codeine, physio exercises and the cabin fever that comes with not being able to walk more than 100 yards.

I never realised there were so many cracks in the ceiling of my living room… watching the rear lawn grow is slow-burning excitement.

OK, so that was my weekend.

Things have been better this week. I am sitting at a desk writing this (like a normal human being!) rather than lying on a beanbag.

I’m planning to go to London tomorrow for a work ‘strategy’ meeting (the pain killing opiates may inject a little more interest).

Going to try a walk at lunchtime around the block, too… fresh air at last.

The NW-Plan?

Not coming to a bookshop near you any time soon.


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