Oooh… arrgh… ouch…. oooyer!

Jeez, this physio is painful… I’ve now had my third session and it was the worst by a considerable margin.

I pity the poor chap who was sitting in the waiting room and could hear my pathetic groans as my ‘trigger points’ were worked on.

I am making progress, though. It would appear that my problem is not structural, but muscular.

This is a relief on the one hand as I didn’t fancy the prospect of going under the knife again. However, my road to rehabilitation could be longer as I try to re-educate my muscles to work properly.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing, of course, but I feel that I didn’t have sufficient physio post operation all those years ago. As a result, the muscles have not worked correctly following the trauma of the op.

In addition to range of exercises, I am trying to re-educated my lower abdominal region, which takes some concentration after years of neglect.

My physiotherapist is also very ‘hands on’ and is working to free up muscles in my right leg, buttock and upper abdominals to achieve the necessary stability.

Monsal Head, Derbyshire, White PeakSoon, I hope to graduate to using one of those large inflatable balls to work on my strength further. Let’s hope it all works.

Needless to say, outdoors activities are curtailed at the moment. This was a bit of a drag on Sunday as the weather was superb in the Peak (loads of people enjoying long rides and walks while I was restricted to the car… yuk!)

Anyway, here’s a shot of Monsal Head looking lovely in the early spring sunshine. Sadly, I could’t get the angle I really wanted…


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