Thinking maps

Save for a new pair of shorts, some shoes, a small radio with long wave (for the cricket!) and spare spokes, I’ve ordered all the bits and bobs I need for my LeJOG.

Racks and panniers will be here soon, sourced from Spa Cycles and SJS, along with a replacement drivetrain for the Dawes, which has done some 4,000 miles from new.

The next consideration is navigation. I have a Satmap Active 10 which is great for walking and backpacking (read my review here), but I find it a bit awkward on the road. Batteries for this trip will not be cheap, either, as you get better performance from Lithium cells.

I may take it for confirming position, but road cycling generally does not require such gizmonkery.

Consequently, I’m after a good map scale for riding.

Up to now I’ve (ahem) torn pages out of the other half’s road atlas. She noticed the other day for the first time that the Peak District and much of Cheshire was missing!

I may go the same way again and note that the Phillips Navigator series is 1:100,000 which seems to be about right. I’ll either tear out or photocopy the relevant pages which should help to keep the weight down. Allied to the guidebook, this should be sufficient.

If anyone has any other advice, though, I’d welcome it.


2 thoughts on “Thinking maps

  1. I'm planning a LEJOG by bike in July 2009. I too have a Satmap Active 10 which I plan to use this to navigate the ride. I will use the pointer for general directions then switch to the map when necessary. I have the rechargeable battery kit which easily lasts a long day's cycling. So I just need to remember to recharge it every night.Good luck with your ride!

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