New wheels arrive

Just got my wheels through from Spa Cycles.

They are the Harrogate shop’s standard touring wheelset built on silver Rigida Sputnik rims and Deore LX hubs.

Spa Cycles Touring Wheels, LX/Rigida SputniksThe wheels have a three-cross spoke pattern, as you might expect, and use a combination of SAPIM and ACI spokes. ACI double butted spokes are used exclusively on the front, while the rear makes use of SAPIM only. On the drive side are the substantial SAPIM Strongs, a very meaty plain gauge spoke. SAPIM double butted spokes are used on the non-drive side.

The rear wheel is noticeably heavier than the hand built touring wheels currently fitted to my Galaxy. This is not a drawback in my mind… it’s reassuring given the luggage I am going to be carrying.

The Rigida rims have very deep, milled braking surfaces and feel very solid indeed.

One thing to note, though. Spa do not fit rim tape to their wheel builds unless you specify this (at extra cost). This was an oversight on my part.

The next thing to consider are tyres. I have some seemingly indestructible Schwalbe Marathons for these wheels which have done over 1,000 miles and barely have a mark on them. That said, they are quite harsh compared to the Continental Gatorskins I currently use, or the Panaracer Pasela’s on my Thorn.

The fit-and-forget nature of the Marathons may see me going back to this tyre for the LeJOG.


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