Thinking of the summer

Spent yesterday afternoon in front of the laptop with the other half planning a summer camping trip.

This is always a pleasure and we are thinking of heading to Wales this year.

After enjoying the camp fires at the Red Squirrel in Glen Coe, we have restricted our search to sites that allow camp fries and, perhaps, offer a more ‘basic’ camping experience.

Also, for added fun and games this year, we are going to try and cook most of our food over a camp fire.

This has led me to a new website which I thought I’d share.

Lakeland Bushcraft Trading offer a range of equipment for budding Ray Meres out there – Ray’s Woodlore school also has a shop. I was after some good cooking pots and they have some which fit the bill. There’s a wide range of other bits and bobs which you may find of use.

Lakeland also has a blog.

Might be worth checking them out if you too are after some sturdier ‘bushcraft‘ type gear.


6 thoughts on “Thinking of the summer

  1. The camp site at Glen Rosa on Arran allows fires. It also consists of about 3 different fields (the top one is pretty far from the toilet block (there are no showers). It was very quiet when I was there last year although I gather it had been busy the week before.Umm, you know, on reflection the camp fires are pretty important – the midges are *bad* on Arran.

  2. Hehe, you might not be able to convince your other half to go to Scotland again this year … but I’m sure you could have have a good go! ;)…and thanks for your comment on my photography website. I’m glad you like it. 🙂

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