New wheels ordered

Just had a very helpful chat with the guys at Spa Cycles in Harrogate.

Spa bill themselves as a shop for the touring cyclist and they were extremely helpful re my weight/wheel questions.

They were confident that their ‘standard’ touring wheelset (Sputniks/LX hubs/36 spokes) will be more than adequate for my needs. I though they were keenly priced too, at 135 pounds for the set.

It’ll be a move away from Mavic for me, but I have been assured that the Sputniks are as good as the old T520s, if not better.

Spa also build with Sapim spokes, and use plain gauge on the drive side for strength.

I was loathe to invest in a new set, but am now opting for panniers for my Lejog ( and, on closer inspection, the rims on my Dawes are running a bit ‘thin’).

They are due to arrive in early March as I am working away for most of next week.


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