Decisions, decisions

I’ve had a good weekend. OK, so the weather was poor on Saturday and I had to abandon my Peak District training run, but I still clocked 75 miles partly through the Peak and then through the Cheshire lanes.

I felt pretty good at the end, too.

Yesterday, I went on a consolidation ride of two hours or so over easy terrain and put on another 30 miles. Very pleased.

I had time to ponder one or two things when in the saddle, though… luggage transit.

I am a large rider. Not too much round the middle, I’m pleased to say, but at 6ft 6ins I carry quite a bit of weight. Interestingly, since I’ve been cycling, my weight has increased by five pounds or so. Currently, I am tipping the scales at 15 st.

15 st is 95.25 kilos. I’ve totted up the weight of my luggage – including racks camping gear etc – and this comes to around 16 kilos.

112kg on a touring bike? I’ve got good wheels but I am concerned as to how much time I’ll spend replacing spokes.

A trailer is another option, of course. It has a number of advantages – such as greater road presence, claimed decreased in rolling resistance, huge load carrying capabilities – and disadvantages – poorer manoeuvrability, wind resistance, the psychological impact of towing, potential restrictions on trains.

There are a number of quality trailers around these days and a good option for road work appears to be the Carry Freedom City Trailer.

It is difficult to make this decision having only ridden with about 8kg in a rack pack on my Dawes and never towed anything.


Miles for last week: 124miles


2 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions

  1. A pair of well built wheels will cope with your load easily, I have toured with more than you are going to carry with no problems. That is after I bought some decent hand built wheels and had then re-tensioned after a couple of hundred miles. Before that I had all sorts of problems with spokes breaking and wheels running out of true, a good set of wheels will cost less than a trailer.

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