Let’s get high

Saturday ended up being one of those zippedee-dooh-dar, it’s-great-to-be-alive days.

Folk who know me will attest that these days don’t happen for me too often… I’m a bit of a misery guts, you see.

Thorn Audax 600L high on the Holmfirth passHowever, not only did the day dawn bright, the roads were clear of snow and traffic. It appeared that there was enough of the white stuff around to give the hills around my way and Alpine flavour and keep cautious motorists in front of the telly (let’s hope they weren’t watching the test match… ouch).

Other reasons for my good vibe? I was back on the bike with little discomfort in my back and I managed 40 miles with no stress. Seeking to capitalise I gave it a real work out and climbed the pass to Holmfirth.

This is not a steep climb, as such, but it can be challenging psychologically as it seems to go on forever.

The final bit of good news is that I have nearly rid my Thorn Audax of that annoying creak. I fitted my Brooks B17 on the bike for this ride (as I’m trying to break it in before the LeJOG) and this appears to have cured much of the noise.

So, it could have been seat/seat post related, which would explain why the guys at SJS cycles could not detect any problems (the bike was not supplied with a saddle).

Maybe the Brooks gives me in a better position on the bike and improves my ‘style’ – i.e. I pedal more efficiently and smoothly when riding with it. Who knows? The bike’s a pleasure now, though, so here’s hoping.

Miles for the fortnight (due to back problems): 105.


2 thoughts on “Let’s get high

  1. Okay – I’ve been lazy too.. I haven’t checked the crank but now that you’ve diagnosed the problem to be seat post related I’m going to check that ouyt first. It’s soooo much easier than taking the cranks off. Good to see you’re feeling fit again.On a comfort note, I think the bar tape on the Thorn’s bars is a bit too lightweight. I’ve got some padded bar tape and wrapped it around over the top of the existing bar tape. I now have nice thick padding and a great deal of comfort.Happy training.G.

  2. I took the seat pin out, regreased (perhaps a little too much) and then fit the Brooks. I think I have a problem with the Thorn seat pin. I can’t seem to tighten the clamp enough to secure the saddle fully (it slips slowly during a ride). I therefore think this is the nub of the problem. I am going to upgrade the pin and, who knows, that should be the end of it.(?!)I used to have Specialised gel pads under the tape on the Dawes but have now removed this as I found it too much. I prefer the lighter set up of the Thorn and have changed the tape accordingly on my Dawes. Different strokes for different folks, I guess.

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