I had a nasty scare last week… a relapse of a back condition. If interested, you can read about it here.

Land's End to John O' Groats - The Great British Bike Adventure, Phil HorsleyThe good news is that I’m now on the mend but the training has stopped temporarily (not that I would be out riding in the conditions over the weekend!).

It did give me the chance to carry on planning my LeJOG route. Some of you will argue that I should have sorted this weeks ago (with some justification!), but I am camping on this trip and want to keep my itinerary as flexible as possible.

My guide is Phil Horsley’s Land’s End to John O’ Groats book. The advantage of this guide, in addition from Horsley’s wry sense of humour, is that it splits the route (with alternatives and diversions) into a series of smaller sections so you can compose your days out of these ‘units’.

Campsites are marked, too.

The total distance will be around 1,000 miles and I have 17 days to compete it in – which should be ample and allow for wanderings in Scotland/the Lakes and/or rest days.

Transport to and from the ‘ends’ poses one or two challenges, though. From Manchester, I think I will take a train to London, cycle across the capital (which’ll just be like old times!) and get the sleeper to Penzance. I’m assured this service accepts bikes…

Likewise, from Inverness I’ll get he sleeper back to Crewe and get a pick up from there (all being well).

Once I have finalised a route (of sorts), I will post it.


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