Been a horrible couple of days…

I had a scare on Wednesday night that my back had failed. This has particular resonance for me as four years ago I underwent a double microdiscectomy in my lumbar region.

The prelude to this procedure was a miserable six months of pain and physio… a powerful motivation to look after myself as mcuh as I can.

The surgery worked really well but I am always conscious of my movement and general back health (another reason why I went lightweight with the backpacking).

This episode came out of nowhere, although I was warned to expect such things as I have a second rate spine… particularly for someone so tall.

Anyway, yesterday was spent doing mobilisation exercises and worrying. Managed to walk a mile or so which was a good sign and I’ll try to go further today.

Just got to take things easy for a while. Fingers crossed.


5 thoughts on “Scare

  1. Get well soon NW! I was told after my knee reconstruction surgery a few years ago that hiking on rough ground would be good for rehabilitation and going lightweight made sense so as not to overload my ‘still not 100%’ knee joint. Take it easy.

  2. Worrying times indeed – I think Holdfast is talking good semse – take it easy witha few short gentle walks to get it all back into position and stabilise itself again – Good Luck NWAlan

  3. Thanks…I have a programme of exercises for these incidents although I haven’t had a bad episode since the op.The advice I was given was to stay active but ‘listen’ to what my body is saying.

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