Brakes and miles

I fitted the Tektro brake levels to the Galaxy at the weekend.

Fitting and adjustment were easy and they work well. I have a bit cable friction on my rear brake so I think I need to fiddle with the routing a little but braking is more positive than using the travel agents and they will be easier to maintain on tour.

Tektro V brake drop levers on the barsThe brake hoods are large and this needs to be considered is you have small hands. I found them more comfortable than my old Shimano levers and possibly more comfortable than the Ergo levels on my Thorn.

My training for the lejog has now started in earnest and I am going to (try to) keep a training ‘diary’ on here… if nothing else to pressurise myself into doing the miles.

Since November, I have ridden 900 miles made up largely of weekend rides of 40 – 70 miles with a few midweek dashes at lunchtime. Add to that intense sessions on the cross trainer or bike in the gym if the weather is really foul (tends to be around the Saddleworth region).

I rode 41.4 miles on Sunday, did 45 mins on the cross trainer yesterday and a further 19.3 miles over lunch time today (in the snow!).


60.7 miles for the week.
1 cross trainer session.


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