New V brake levers – Tektro RL520

Although I will be putting together a more detailed post about my two trusty steeds in due course, I am making a number of upgrades to the bike which I’ll use for the LeJOG.

Tektro RL520 V Brake leversIt’s an oldish Dawes Galaxy with a lovely lugged Reynolds 531 ST frame. Much of the spec is standard (I’m a great believer in keeping hold of kit that works) but I have been messing around with the brakes and the handlebar position for while now.

On the brake front, I have always been a fan of linear pull V brakes and quickly switched the horrible cantilever brakes that came with the bike (squealed like mad, and didn’t stop too well).

For the last five years or so, I have been using the standard Shimano levers with travel agents. This has been OK, but I’ve never been too keen on how these ‘agents’ pinch the brake cable and the hassles with set up they present.

These new levers from Tektro are a bargain (17 quid from SJS cycles) and, based on the comments from users on forums, work really well.

I will be installing them, along with new wider drop bars, over the weekend. I’ll let you know how I get on.



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