‘You’re doing what?!’

This has been the universal response from friends and family to my plans for the Lands End To John O’ Groats ride which I’m planning to do in May this year.

When I then tell them that I am doing this trip alone, am going to camp along the route and will eschew the services of a support car, their incredulity deepens.

The final straw is that I am not subjecting myself to the ‘horrors’ of this expedition for some worthy cause. The worthy cause is myself… I am doing it to see if I can… for fun.

Many people have done this trip en velo. Many are much fitter than me and have covered some incredible mileages per day.

I am trying to toughen myself up for long days in the saddle and this blog will cover the trials and tribulations of training (or the lack of) and the all important kit choices.

So this is my starter for ten, as it were. My aim with this blog is to record my route to the LEJOG and I hope others will find it of interest/use if they too are thinking of giving it a go.


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