Happiness is…

I’ve found one or two ways to counter my usual New Year gloom this year.

As regular readers will know, I am planning to cycle the LEJOG in May and I am having a great time reading blogs on this topic and planning my route and kit list.

It’s also an opportunity to acquire some more gear (!)

I am thinking about using a trailer for the trip partly due to my size and the additional wear and tear on the bike that racks and bags will create. I like the quirkiness of it too, I have to admit.

I’m also in the market for a new tent (‘not another one’ says the other half!?).

I’ve tested my much-loved Akto with a friend’s pannier set and they won’t fit adequately in the vestibule and still provide room for wet clothes and to cook. The same is true of my TNF Westwind, which has long porch but is ‘streamlined’ and hence not much use for storing larger items.

All this got me thinking. Perhaps I can get a tent that will accommodate my bike (sans front wheel) for extra piece of mind? The current shortlist comprises Hilleberg Nallo GT (3/4), Vaude Hogan XT, Wild Country Duolite Tourer, Vango Spirit 300+.

All are pretty similar in shape, but the prices vary, as does the weight. I’d love the Hillberg but can’t justify the cash. The Wild Country looks good, as does the Vango, but I am keen on the Vaude having seen one in the flesh at the Backpackers Club AGM last year. Not only is the porch huge, so is the inner for us lanky folk and it’s quite ‘tall’.

I can get a great deal on the latter, too.

Sounds like I’ve made my mind up, but any additional thoughts are most welcome.


2 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. Surprised the Akto won’t hold panniers. I use it all the time when using the MTB to go into remote camp spots with panniers. I usually empty the panniers into the tent though and store them in the porch, flat. Then again, if you’re using a trailer, you’ll just have a largish kit bag? Like the Bob Yak.

  2. An XT type tent gives lots of extra space. I was going to suggest the Mountain Equipment one but the cost and weight counts against. Another option is to use the Atko and buy a tarp and use it to create an extension.

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