I’m in the minority, then…

… the one-out- of-five minority, in fact.

I voted ‘yes’ to the congestion charge for Manchester… most folk didn’t.


There was some consolation, though. My new bike arrived today, a lovely Thorn Audax Mk 3 for those who are interested.

Can’t wait to take it for a spin. One more bike, one less car.


2 thoughts on “I’m in the minority, then…

  1. I am planning the LEJOG next year in May camping all the way, so the answer is ‘yes’.I’d also like to take my bike to the Ardnamurchan Peninsula, too, which nature has seemingly designed for two wheels. Perhaps not for a ‘walking blog’, though?I’m lucky. The walking may be good on the moors up here, but the cycling is some of the best in the country. There’s a very healthy local scene, too, with plenty of clubs and folk out on long weekend runs. Just hard fitting all these great rides/walks in!

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