Man flu

Now that my frenetic period at work has calmed down a little, I hoped I would be in a position to fill these pages with crisp days skipping over the tops (the weather has been grand for us in the North, has it not?)

Not to be, sadly. I have been hit by a hefty case of man flu which has stopped me in my tracks. Although the worst is behind me, I am now enoying the virus’s last hoorah, characterised by snot, sweats and puffy, post-bout, boxer’s eyes.

I will soldier on, and my other half will grow increasingly impatient with my pathetic protestations.

I am grateful to fellow bloggers, though, who continue to produce great stuff on their sites. I was particularly keen on London Backpacker’s exploits with BackpackingLight Bob’s new multi purpose Honey stove. The bush cooker’s rather smart too, though.

I fancy having a play with one of these and am hoping some kind soul gets me one for Christmas.


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