Letting the side down

Crikey, where have the last two weeks gone?

Those of you who keep in touch with this blog will note that it’s been quiet (again!) of late.

My apologies… I’m afraid work has been getting in the way as a major project I’ve been working has come to a head. Honestly, 12 hours a day bashing away on the computer has not left much brainpower in the tank to come up with something of worthy for the blog.

For those of you who manage to work and blog consistently, I salute you.

Anyway, I am looking to take some leave at the end of the month and hit the hills… can’t remember the last time. Hopefully, I’ll have a good old-fashioned ‘walk report’.




2 thoughts on “Letting the side down

  1. Looking forward to it, NW. I have the same problem at the moment. Only a week or so ago I had far too much time on my hands to mope about, and now its merry hell!How does Darren do it????

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