Langdale… closed!

I suppose I shouldn’t have been surprised, really.

A sunny weekend at last after a miserably damp summer and everyone descended on Lakeland… myself included.

My plan: to park the car overnight in Langdale, climb Jack’s Rake and sleep high in the bivvy bag.

The outcome: every conceivable square inch of car park and roadside verge occupied by automobile. I cursed my stupidity for a, driving, and b, not bringing other maps to salvage something from the trip.

I consoled myself with a trudge off the beaten track, constrained severely by the lack of OS sheets. But even here, it was difficult to escape folk.

It occurred to me that the hills would be alive with wild campers, too, and I didn’t feel like joining them (assuming I could fine somewhere ‘legal’ to park overnight).

I drove home.

Sunday dawned clear and bright and I decided to swap the boots for my cycling shoes. I had the Saddleworth roads to myself (nearly) for two hours while the occupants of its pretty stone cottages slept.

Lesson learned. Escape can, more often than not, be found closer to home.

4 thoughts on “Langdale… closed!

  1. Tut tut, Langdale on the first good good weather weekend for ages – not a choice that would spring to my mind!. Actually at this time of year isn’t that extraordinary even for Langdale?.Over in the Moelwyns we saw two people on the hills in a three day backpack.

  2. You had the right idea, GeoffC (and you are right to chide my choice a little!)I thought I would be OK considering I only wanted to park…The car is a drawback on weekend such as this. I would have left it at home if there was a decent train service from Manchester on Sat/SunStill, I don’t want to come across as (too) much of a moaner, here.As I say, lesson learned!

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