The box has been ticked…

Another naff pun in the title and another post on my tick exploits!

Good news though, folks. I did have to return to the doctors last week as the localised infection was spreading around my leg rather alarmingly.

Another doctor took a look and didn’t like what he saw. Sadly, I had to take antibiotics to fight this (something I like to avoid, if possible) but the bite area is clearing up at last.

All this stuff is worrying, no doubt , so it pays to get it checked. Different folk react to bites in different ways. The local infection area around my bite was about the size of a side plate at its worse… it was hot and itched.

Let’s hope that’s now the end of it.

That said, I’m in Scotland again in September so I’ll try to avoid the little so-and-sos this time.


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