Still ticked off…

Again, apologies that posting has been a little slow of late.

I still have some Scotland excursions to write up and some thoughts on yet another footwear option, which I have been having some success with.

All that must wait, though, as I continue to be worried by the tick bite I picked up at the end of the Highland trip.

After seemingly getting worse, I went to the doctors to put my mind at ease more than anything. Somewhat frustratingly, the doctor admitted that he didn’t know too much about tick bites and quickly shook the Internet to see if anything helpful fell out (he used Google, would you believe?)

Taking a look at the location of the bite, he was pretty sure that the it was not displaying the spreading ring pattern or ‘bullseye’ characteristics that suggest nasty infection, namely Lyme Disease. He gave a scrip for Fucidin cream to help clean up the tick bite site, as I did have a localised infection.

Over a fortnight after finding the tick, I still have a large mark resembling a nasty bruise where the tiny critter munched down on me, and the cream does not appear to be helping.

Despite feeling in pretty good health, I fear I will be going back for a second opinion…

4 thoughts on “Still ticked off…

  1. Hey fella. I picked up my first tick on Helvellyn recently and I extracted it the same day but went along to see my doc later in the week anyway. It preys on the mind of course. He was fairly well read on his Lyme Disease and didn’t seem to be worried at all really, it’s when the condition is not identified early you are most likely to have some problems. If the tick is removed inside the first 24 hours or so the risk is thought to be even lower.Hazard of the pastime I suppose, not to worry!RegardsAndrew

  2. Thanks for the comments folks…It does prey on your mind, but it’s good point about the risks. Yes, they have increased, but it is still unlikey that you will contract Lyme, particularly if you remove the critter quickly and correctly. I keep on telling myself all this but then’ll read something else on how little GPs know about this stuff and I’m thinking about it all again!Oh well…

  3. My GP had diagnosed a few cases, and as mentioned he wasn’t concerned. I actually took the offender along to the surgery in a tub as I’d read somewhere you should keep the tick for analysis. It transpired this was entirely unnecessary, but the Doc was keen I left it there for “incineration”, I suspect he had a peek after I left!I wouldn’t worry any more about it though, if you do have a problem it’ll be treated early, which is the main thing.RegardsAndrew

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