Taking the High Road – with Dylan

Sorry things have been a bit quiet of late. The international one-day fixtures for the cricket have disrupted my weekend excursions.

The posts will also remain a little quiet as I’m off on holiday soon, to Scotland I’m pleased to say, and I want to be as far away from a computer screen as possible during the fortnight. The mobile will be off too… bliss.

It’s the first time to Scotland for my other half so I hope she loves it as much as I do… despite the weather… and the midges.
Dylan, owned and maintained by Escape Campers, based near Glasgow. Image is copyrighted Escape CampersWe’re splitting the trip in two halves, though, and we have company during the first week in the form of Dylan – a 1970’s Moonraker conversion VW campervan.

We’re renting him from Escape Campers, based near Glasgow. They have a fleet of four classic campers and the Moonraker is great as the bed in the roof is long enough for a lanky ‘get like me.

The folk at Escape seem to be jolly decent so I’m looking forward to getting behind the wheel of this beauty and cruising through Scotland’s jaw-dropping landscape.

Of course, this vehicle is nearly 30 years old and I’ll have to treat with great care and attention. I hope we won’t be troubling the AA man too much.

The second week sees us back in the car, and the tent for a trip farther North and West to the Highlands and, hopefully, the islands.

I’m sure I’ll be able to squeeze in a couple of days in the wilds, and perhaps bag a Munro or two if the weather is kind… not that summits matter, just being out in the Scottish countryside is enough.

Being north of the border also permits me to indulge of couple of other interests… angling and whisky (not necessarily in that order).

Trout should be on the barbecue one night at least, and I aim to acquaint myself with a few new malts.

This was certainly the case when I walked the West Highland Way last year.

I introduced a German chap walking the ‘Way to the delights of Scotch (and Haggis, if memory serves). Once we had said our goodbyes, he mailed me after finding a supplier of Lagavullin in Cologne, his home city. Another convert.


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