Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy – further thoughts

My night in the Lakes was a uneventful affair, really, a good first night to use the bivvy. The weather was dry and I had a good breeze to keep things that way in the bag.

Big Agnes Three Wire Bivvy in stuffsacAlthough I kept much of my gear outside the bag in an Exped dry sack and my shoes were kept in a bin liner overnight just in case, there is plenty of room in the Three Wire for kit. To get a more level sleeping platform, I used my Pinnacle sack propped under my legs in the bag and there was room for much more.

It is possible to draw your legs up when the bag is pegged down and it’s easy to turn over during the night and sleep on your side.The hood and opening is ingenious. The zips give you plenty of venting options, from small, sheltered holes to bug-proof openings on warm nights.

I was too warm in my MEC Merlin and had to have the bag open. I closed it as darkness drew in, though, spending the night with the bag half open, the mesh closed.

I had no dampness in the bag in the morning, save for a small patch of moisture near the opening, replicating my experiences when using the bag in the garden.

The only problem I still have with the bag is getting in. The zip is a little to short for me to slide easily under the hood. Other six-foot plussers might have a similar problem. It might still be my technique, though.

Another slight niggle is the how flappy the bag can be in wind as the material is not particularly taught over the pole structure. It’s probably no worse that a lightweight tent but it’s worth bearing in mind if considering a really high camp. Pack some earplugs…

The real acid test is going to be wet night and we don’t have a shortage of those up here. This, too, will be a test of my technique, but I’m confident this bag will be up to the task even if I’m not.


2 thoughts on “Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy – further thoughts

  1. Aye, you’ll be fine.I few times now I’ve had all my gear in beside me and it is amazing how it all fits.Genius bit of kit.It is a bit flappy in the wind, just annoying as opposed to a tent where it’s much more worrying. I found only the leg section flaps though, the hood is pretty tight.Probably the luck of what direction you pitch it in.

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