Hitting the sack, part two…

Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy closedOK… so I’m still here.

Had a rather pleasant night to be honest, although I seriously misjudged the sleeping bag and had to crash around in the garage at 1am to find something a little warmer.

The Three Wire Bivy is darker than a tent, so I woke at 7am to glorious sunshine and though it was about time to get ready for work.

So what are my impressions of a first night in a bag, however artificial it may have been? For me, the Three Wire Bivy does not feel claustrophobic in the slightest. The poles mean it is no worse than my Akto, to be honest.

The wind blowing around the bag, while helping breathability, is a little disconcerting at first… feeling it buffet your legs takes some getting used to. I left a breathing hole open for most of the night, increasing the size once I had upped the sleeping bag. I kept the mesh closed, though. A little bit of condensation at the breathing hole, under the bivy hood peak

This morning there were no signs of moisture inside, everything was dry and warm. The only dampness I found was at the breathing hole, under the beak of the hood.I was using a synthetic bag, but would have no qualms using my Mountain Equipment Co-op Merlin in these conditions. In rain, it would be a different matter.

My only slight niggle at this stage is getting in and out of the bag. The opening is just a little on the small side. I’m sure there’s a knack to this, which I’m yet to find. I’ll let you know if I do.

Despite the advantages of the hood, there are drawbacks. You can’t lie in the bag and look directly upwards at the stars and so the Three Wire will need careful positioning to leave it open and enjoy views all night… a big part of bivvying for many.

Now I’m hoping for some good weather on the Friday night before the Bank Holiday to try it on a Cumbrian mountain.

If it rains, I’ll probably still use the bag as the misery will be worth it to gauge it in all conditions.


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