Hitting the sack…

Big Agnes Three Wire Bivvy PolesNew kit sometimes requires a bit of light testing before being used in anger in the field and this is certainly the case for my Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy.

Looking out of my office window to faultless blue skies, tonight seems as good a night as any to kip out in the garden.

The forecast looks great… no rain, cool temperatures and a good breeze to provide a bit of assistance to the bags Event breathable fabric. It’s also a good opportunity to get some pictures of the bag set up on the blog.

Big Agnes Three Wire Bivy Pole Pivot BossFirst impressions are that this is a very well made piece of kit. The poles, pegs and stitching are all top class… always reassuring.

The two support poles are attached at a pivot boss, which initially cause confusion setting the bivvy up and creating the hood/head area. Once you have the knack, though, it’s simple. Once all are ‘snapped’ together, push the longest through the hole in the roof of the bivvy with the cross member pole on the ‘outside’ of the hood.

The short pole end locates in a sleeve at the peak of the hood. The longest pole end goes in a pole socket inside the bivvy and the cross member ends locate in grommets at either side of the hood.

A zip runs two thirds of the way down the right side of the bag and there is a secondary zip revealing a mesh section for ventilation. It is worth noting that this Big Agness Three Wire Bivy Mesh Doormesh section runs approximately half way across the width of the bag. A tab allows you to roll back and secure the entire opening, or just the upper fabric, leaving the mesh in place to fend of flying beasties.

The bag is capacious and will swallow full-size Thermarests and big winter sleeping bags with room to spare. As already mentioned elsewhere in the blog, the bag is plenty big enough for tall people up to 6’6”.

Assuming I survive the night, I’ll update you all tomorrow…


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