The Outdoors Station

I was pleased to discover this week that those nice folks at the Outdoors Station have featured this blog on their newbies list.

I appreciate that many of you viewing this will be familiar with this website. For those of you who aren’t, I have no hesitation in recommending its podcasts.

Being a particular fan of Ronald Turnbull’s writing, I would draw your attention to the two interviews which feature him. If you enjoy his books, then he doesn’t disappoint when taking to the airwaves.

Hear him talking about his challenge walks book, Three Peaks, Ten Tors below:


3 thoughts on “The Outdoors Station

  1. Interested to know that I’m not the only person in Manchester to nearly set themselves on fire this way! I was trying my new white box stove. Have you found a better type of bottle yet?

  2. do Vargo’s own bottle which seems to be the right size. If I can’t find another though a more general route, then I’ll go for this one. The scars have just about healed!

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